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Ricky and I met in January of 2006, I was out for a friends birthday and he happened to be there.  He is the little brother of a friend of mine and we were all talking, next thing you know, he bought me a drink we were dancing and talking and kissing the night away! We exchanged numbers, he called and we have been inseparable ever since.  He FINALLY popped the question October 18, 2009.  We went to eat lunch at the restaurant where my friend worked and he nervously handed her the ring, when she brought out my favorite desert, the ring was there in the middle of a star plate surrounded by powered sugar! I said yes and here we are... we're tying the knot on July 1, 2011! Whoo hoooo! I can't wait to be married and start our lives together.

My extra 'sweet' dessert!


Typical Knottie discaimer: I have gathered many "inspiration" pictures from The Knot and other websites. If any of the pictures on my website belong to you please page allielynn22 on the July 2011 board on The Knot and I will give you credit for your pictures. :)